Biggest online casino Yes8sg is celebrating merger with KOLs

Biggest online casino is going to do a campaign with top social media personalities

Singapore: January 2020, Yes8sg is a No.1 online casino in Singapore which is going to collaborate with the social influencer KOLs. Yes8sg is organising a campaign with the young Instagram influencers. Chinese New Year celebration is going to be the biggest celebration with the world most trusted online casino.  Yes8sg is going to surprise their member with the amazing gifts and giveaways in this campaign.

In this campaign top Instagram influencer’s personality will be invited by Yes8sg to make a remarkable experience with their casino member. Because of their fame and reputation world best online casino is inviting them to make this campaign more successful. These social influencers presence will make this Chinese New Year celebration worth to participate.

For casino members exciting giveaways on this Chinese New Year 2020-

  • Winner will get a chance to get the jersey from our social influencers
  • They will get a chance to meet top social influencers
  • Winners images will be displayed by the casino
  • Their pictures will also be posted by top freedom influencers on their social media
  • Lucky member can also take part in the promotion process

The idea behind organizing this campaign is celebrating Chinese New Year with the old and most faithful customer. On the way of making Yes8sg is the world biggest online casino their promotion is very important. For making people aware about casino and for promotion purpose they have collaborated with the top Instagram influencers. This is a very smart move to reach to the desired destination in the shorted time.

Services given by the casino are trustable by many loyal members in Singapore but it’s time to spread their services worldwide. In this event they are planning to award their old members with some special offers so that new members can trust easily. Furthermore, they are going to have exciting gifts for their lucky winners, gifts which will go to amaze casino members. Only selected members will be able to participate so be ready.

Online gambling casino has chosen popular faces which are loved by millions. As a result of collaboration with them is, millions of their followers will be able to see this event. This is a great way of promoting and great way to gaining members trust. This campaign is worth attending and worth participating.

They are giving their fans a platform where they might get a chance of meeting them. It will be wonderful and memorable experience for them. KOLs are a social influencer and loved by many. They truly inspire millions by their great work and we have done a great job by collaborating with them.

This event is planned with a vision to make this New Year a memorable one. This is not beneficial only for Yes8sg but KOLs will get a chance of gaining followers. Those members who don’t know about these beautiful influencers will get a chance to know them. And their followers will get a chance to know about their services. The main purpose behind organizing this event is gaining more audience and getting popular among people.

Apart from the above mentioned activities Yes8sg will also going to display their services to the customers. This will become a great opportunity for them where they can display their service to many who are there to attend the event. This campaign is the biggest Chinese New Year celebration with the most popular faces.

In the event social influencers will be asked to announce the names of the winners. Fans will be excited to meet these iconic beauties. Communicating with KOLs is a dream of their fans. Events is arrange in a very grand and systematic manner. In the campaign everything will be going to happen accordingly. Here interested members can participate in the competition and get a chance to win above mentioned prizes.

At the end of the event customer will also get a chance to ask question to our guests. It will be wonderful for a fan if their question will be answered by these social personalities. This event is going very beneficial for yes8sg, KOLs as well as for the fans. Event planners have planned more surprises for the members to make this event exciting.

 This is going to be the biggest promotion activity done by Yes8sg. Yes8sg is providing inline casino services from the last several years and is trusted by many. Now they are at a stage where they are recognized as the best online casino.